Being a mother is one of the the most wonderful, exciting, life-changing and beautiful thing to be.

It is also the most daunting and challenging and frustrating.

We all start out our motherhood journey with the most incredible, noble and best intentions, and imagine that we will be raising our beautiful children to be happy, confident, resilient, and that we will have a deep and connected relationship with them for ever and ever….

Then life happens and it doesn’t really turn out like that…

  • You are told left, right and centre by your mother, mother in law, friend, sister, neighbour and even stranger on the street, that the way you are mothering is not right.
  • You start to lose trust in your intuition and dive into self-doubt, constantly questioning if what you are doing is going to benefit or damage your child forever.
  • You start shouting more than you wanted to, you do the things that you swore you never would (like putting strict limits or punishing), and then you feel guilty and like a terrible mother.
  • Your family life seems more like a chaotic circus than a peaceful, harmonious home.
  • As your children grow, your relationship with them is like a roller coaster ride.  In a blink of an eye, you go from having deep and meaningful conversations, to being defied and ignored.
  • And if you are lucky enough to have a special child, you find it so hard to deal with the challenging anxiety, learning difficulties, depression and all other host of difficult things that they can experience.

By this point you have lost connection with your own sense of self, your intuition, and your energy tank is running on empty!


Hello lovely!  I’m Steph,

your visionary leader and guide, showing you the way to heal yourself from burnout, self-doubt, and overwhelm, to becoming the authentic, confident self and mother you are designed to be.

We are on the brink of a new era, and our children are here to lead the way.  But this all starts with us, the mothers.

But if mothers are themselves struggling with their confidence, vitality and resilience, then this can become a very challenging situation.

My passion is to empower mothers like you and me, with the tools and awareness to guide and support our children, to be their fully, resilient and thriving authentic selves, ready to lead us into this new world.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could fully and easily trust your inner wisdom and intuition, and know without a doubt, that you are capable of raising confident, healthy, and happy children, without constantly doubting yourself, becoming overwhelmed, and burned out?

With my unique weaving of Human Design and Homeopathy, I can help you heal from the burnout, take back your confidence, connect more deeply with your children, and give you the tools that will help you guide and support your children so they are confident, resilient and happy. 

Can you imagine being that confident, authentic mother, full of energy and trust in yourself, that you knew you could be?

The mother that understands their children deeply and knows how to handle and support them in a conscious and mindful way.

The mother that knows when she needs to nurture herself and set good boundaries so that she can give and be fully present with her children.

The mother that trust herself, her intuition and wisdom, that she knows what is best for her children, despite what others say (or even that self-doubt voice in her head!). 

Raising thriving and resilient children with confidence and peace, while ensuring that you also nurture yourself, is possible when you understand 3 things:

  • Your Human Design – understanding your how unique energy and way of being in the world works, will give you an incredible, practical tool to start living as you were meant to, including being a mother. 
  • Your Children’s Human Design – understanding your children’s energy blueprint will help you understand them on a deeper level, know why they are the way they are and support them to be their own unique authentic selves from the start.
  • Healing yourself – your physical and mental health and energy is reflecting your current unresolved trauma and emotional issues, how you are living in or out of alignment, as well as nutritional deficiencies.  If your health is suffering, then being the fully present, confident mother that you want to be, will be so much harder!  Using natural and energy medicine, like homeopathy, tissue salts, herbs and essences, will help you bring your body back into balance, and support you as you step into living more in alignment with yourself.

Helping women, especially mums, through these 3 pillars is what I’m passionate about. 

Currently I work with clients with weaving my expertise of Human Design and  Homeopathy and other natural and energy healing modalities, into a powerful, tranformative process.  

Are you ready to say good-bye to burn out and parenting overwhelm?  And embrace wholeheartedly the person you are truly designed to be, full of energy, confidence and joy?

Then I invite you to schedule a clarity call with me to see how we can work together

Ways of working with me:  HD readings, Homeopathy + HD packages.