Hello beautiful!!  you really don’t have to put your life on hold anymore!!!

Being a woman is absolutely amazing!  And our bodies are soooo bloody brilliant!  
But you’re fed up with being on the hormonal symptom struggle bus. It’s uncomfortable and debilitating and…  

Sometimes you are just happy to get through the day in one piece!

  • Your periods are all over the place – painful, heavy… painful AND heavy! You get the worst cramps and PMS hits you like a wrecking ball every month. Ugh!!
  • You’re constantly exhausted even if you sleep till noon. You try to rest but wake up soaked in sweat and still exhausted.
  • You worry that your erratic emotions are taking a toll on your relationships. That’s NOT the real you!

The worst part of it all is that you are MISSING OUT on life – you keep having to avoid or rearrange social occasions or work commitments, because you worry you won’t be able to handle the pain, or the hot flushes, or the anxiety and brain fog around other people.

Hi, I’m Stephanie.  And I have totally been where you are.  

Since I was in my teens I’ve had to put up with the fatigue, erratic cycles, cramps, bloating, pms… and the only solution the doctor gave me was…. the pill (I mean, seriously, is that it?).

And you can probably guess what happened next – the solution the doctor gave me caused even more problems than it solved!

Just like you I thought I’d have to suffer like that for the rest of my life. 

Fortunately, I discovered a better way that actually works with your body instead of against it.  

​It took me a long time to figure out that to truly heal, I needed to heal not just my body, but also my mind and spirit.   

I wish I had known about homeopathy and used it to help with hormonal problems when they first started.
​Instead of masking my symptoms with the contraceptive pill, or just putting up with them, I could have dealt with the root cause and resolved the problem once and for all so much sooner!    

And that’s why I am here now, so I can help you to manage, relieve and even eliminate your hormonal problems so you can feel like yourself again.  

I can help you get your life back.

Little did I know when I started taking that pill all those years ago, that instead of helping me heal, it was actually going to create even more havoc in my body!  

For years I trusted in what the doctors told me to do, even when it came to my children.  But I wasn’t getting better, and neither were my babies!

It wasn’t until my child’s health and wellbeing was on the line, told by the doctors that they could do nothing, that we had to just put up with it and she’ll grow out of it,  that I finally woke up. 

I knew I had to do take responsibility and do something different!

That’s when I discovered homeopathy – and, oh my god, everything finally changed!  Once I saw the amazing results on my daughters, I knew I had to try it for myself, and I haven’t looked back!

And I want to share with YOU all that I wished I had known before, so that you can actually start healing and stop all the bullshit that doesn’t work for you!


I can help YOU balance your hormones in a natural, safe and effective way.

You could finally gain control over your hormonal issues, and:

  • Put a stop to the cramps once and for all!
  • Lighten the flow
  • Increase your energy
  • Wake up dry and well rested
  • Clear your head and focus
  • Keep calm all month long

And most importantly, feel like yourself again
You don’t have to keep suffering month after month. 

Let’s get you back in control of your body and your life once and for all.

Let’s sit down and have a 15 minute complimentary chat, to see how we can work together so you can start feeling like yourself again​.   

So, I guess this wouldn’t be an About Page without some interesting info about me!  So here goes:

  • I’m a half-Mexican half-German married to a half-English half-French Brit, and we have 2 gorgeous girls who absolutely refuse to speak Spanish to their mother, but, like their mother, are obsessed with Star Wars and Harry Potter (I’m a Ravenclaw/Slytherin by the way!).
  • I’m also obsessed with Game of Thrones, Vikings and Nordic noir crime series!
  • I may help my homeopathy clients heal and thrive, but for the life of me I cannot seem to keep my house plants alive!
  • I used to hate coffee, but now I cannot live without my coffee with almond milk every morning.

Some boring bits:

  • I studied Homeopathy and Essences at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy, London, and through individual portfolio through the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.
  • I have further qualifications in Homeobotanical Therapy and Nutritional Advice.
  • I am registered with Homeopathy International (HINT) and insured with Balens Ltd.