Hi, I’m Steph

and I’m here to help you heal and guide you back to yourself – back to the person you are designed to be, so you can feel confident, struggle less with life, regain your trust in your intuition and inner wisdom, and become the leading light to others, especially your children.

I am a 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator, mum of two 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator teenage girls, wife to a 1/3 Sacral Generator.

Human Design has been life changing for me.

Before I found Human Design (or it found me, actually!), I constantly struggled with my self worth and confidence, decision making, and trusting myself.

I kept myself small and my voice quiet, hiding so I wouldn’t have to prove myself, or be challenged or criticised.

I would always second guess my decisions, constantly overthinking everything, never being entirely sure of what the best course of action would be.

I burned myself out by people pleasing, giving too much of myself, or doing things I didn’t really want to do out of obligation or fear of missing out.

When I finally learned about my Human Design, and how I am energetically wired to be and interact with the world, I was astounded and relieved all at the same time!   

There was nothing new that I didn’t really know in my Human Design, but it made sense of everything that I had experienced, what I had avoided and suppressed, and how I had come to this point in my life!

Since then I have worked (and still am working, as it’s a life long process!) to decondition and heal from years of struggling against myself.

I am reconnecting with who I am here to be and my purpose.

I’m finally so much more confident in my intuition, inner wisdom and authority, so much so, that my decisions in life, whether small or big, are made with much more purpose and trust.

My relationships with family and friends have also improved and become more harmonious, especially with my children and husband.  I am now much more aware, understanding, and accepting of who and how they are, leading to much more peaceful and compassionate family dynamics.

In short, Human Design has given me the tools to love and accept myself as I am, as well as others.

If  you are feeling the pull to come back to yourself, reconnect with your purpose and intuition and inner wisdom, then I am here to help guide you, heal you and empower you.

My life’s purpose is to embody and show others all of what is possible, to be a leading light and show people how to come back to themselves, in the quickest most effective ways.

To share my experiences, what I have learned through my own trials and errors, and share my wisdom and vision with you, of how you can also become the person you are here to be. 

To show you that you can be your own leader, trust in yourself and lead your own tribe to lead and authentic, rich and thriving life.

Are you ready to be your own beacon of light?

By weaving together Human Design, the Gene Keys, Homeopathy and other energy healing modalities, I can help you to deeply heal, regain that sense of purpose and confidence in yourself, and become the leader in your own life.

If you read this far, then I know you are finally ready to take control of your family’s health!

Here is how I can support you!

Human Design Readings

Get to know yourself and your children, learn about your own unique way of using your energy, making decisions, and connecting more deeply with your life purpose.

Human Design + Homeopathy Packages

Undertake a powerful transformative process to come back to yourself, heal from burnout, decondition and start to trust your own innate wisdom and intution to become the mother and woman you are meant to be.

So, I guess this wouldn’t be an About Page without some interesting info about me!  So here goes:

  • I’m a half-Mexican half-German married to a half-English half-French Brit.  We have 2 gorgeous girls who absolutely refuse to speak Spanish, and a cat called Luna.  

  • I nuruture my body and mind by twirling around a pole or doing trick on an aerial sling.

  • Like a typical Manifesting Generator, I have 5 half finished books on my bedside table, 2 knitting projects still to be finished from last year, 3 sketchbooks that have been barely drawn on, and of course, more than 60 hours of courses and CPD that I still need to finish (or start!).

  • I may be able to successfuly help my clients heal and thrive, but for the life of me I cannot seem to keep my house plants alive!

    Some boring bits:

    • Certified Human Design Coach
    • Certified in Level 1 Quantum Human DesignTM and Level 1 Quantum Alignment SystemTM
    • Over 10 years experience as a Homeopath, registered with Homeopathy International (HINT) and insured with Balens Ltd.
    • I’m a certified HPx Supervisor for Free and Healthy Children International.
    • I have further qualifications in Homeobotanical Therapy and Nutritional Advice.