Healing from burnout, trauma and conditioning

Healing from burnout, trauma and conditioning

I wonder if you have been feeling anything like I have the last couple of years (or perhaps longer?!): 

  • anxious and overwhelmed?
  • burned out and exhausted?
  • disconnected from others and/or yourself?
  • confused as to how or where to move forward?

These past two years have caused many a lot of stress, anxiety, trauma, and countless other things.

At the same time, it has been a time for many of us to re-evaluate what is important, valuable, and a priority in life, and to rediscover who we are and what we are here to do.

We are told from so many gurus to be ourselves, be authentic, follow our instincts and intuition, be positive, set intentions, keep our vibrations high… easier said than done, right?  

This has certainly been the case for me.  I was finding it hard to see, much less decide, on which direction to go, and how to go about it.  I almost felt lost at sea without a compass…  that is, until I found (Quantum) Human Design the Quantum Alignment System™!

For the first time in my life, I felt like I was ok the way I was, I didn’t have to pretend and spend so much energy being anything else other than me!  

And I began to work on my energy blocks and false beliefs and conditioning so I could finally start to shift things in the direction that felt right for me.

What is (Quantum) Human Design?  

Human Design (which some of you may have heard of before) is a synthesis of astrology, the chakra system, the Kabbala, the I’Ching, and quantum physics.  It gives you a sort of instruction manual or blueprint for your life.  It will basically tell you the story of who you truly are and what you are here to do.


What I love about Human Design is that it is practical, and you can start applying your newfound wisdom about yourself right away.  It will tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are, your challenges, how you relate to others, how best you make decisions, as well as your potential and life purpose. 

It will give you the blueprint of how you can live with more ease, flow, and vitality –

to be your incredible, powerful, unique authentic self. 

Learning about your Human design can be liberating and empowering.  However, we have all been conditioned so much through our lives to be something we are not, so changing the way we do things is not always easy or straightforward!  If you throw in trauma to the mix, which most of us have, it’s even harder!

Here is where the Quantum Alignment System™ (QAS) comes in! 

What is the Quantum Alignment System™?

QAS is a healing modality, developed by Karen Curry Parker, integrating Human Design, EFT, flower essences, coaching and quantum science.  QAS can help you heal from pain (physical, emotional and/or spiritual) and become more resilient.  It will help you break away from conditioning and other unhelpful beliefs and motivations that keep you stuck and in pain.

You can learn more about Human Design and the Quantum Alignment System™ here:

What is Quantum Human Design?

What is the Quantum Alignment System™?
Do you want to finally break free from being stuck, burned out, or overwhelmed?  
Do you want to find out the story of who you really are and what you are here to do?

I am now offering Foundation Human Design readings and Quantum Alignment sessions.  I have found these invaluable for me to help me start to decondition and move forward in life, it has been the missing part of the puzzle for me.  Combining this with homeopathy is powerful!

To find out more, and see if this is something that you’d like to do and would benefit from, do book a free discovery call with me!