Grounding for anxiety and overwhelm

Grounding for anxiety and overwhelm

In these crazy times we live in, have you been feeling anxious or uncertain? Or perhaps overwhelmed and indecisive? Maybe you just want to crawl in bed under the covers and not come out for a while?

At the end of summer my anxiety had lifted and I had been feeling positive for a few weeks. But recently the overwhelma and anxious feelings came back, and I was wondering why.

When my lovely friend Rachel Peacok (who is also a wonderful energy healer) mentioned to me the other day she wrote a blog about Grounding, a little lightbulb went in my head.

Have you ever noticed that when you go out into nature and truly breathe in the fresh air and feel your feet deeply planted on the ground, that you feel steadier, more focused and calm?

Well this is all because of grounding!

This summer I walked barefoot on the grass many mornings, feeling the dew and soft ground on my feet, connecting me directly to the centre of the earth, and bringing me stability and strength for the rest of the day.

I had also been going for walks in nature almost everyday, and I realised I hadn’t really been doing much of it in recent weeks!
Rachel mentions in her blog the following easy ways you can ground yourself any time you feel out of sorts:

“Walking or standing barefoot on the earth
Placing a grounding crystal like hematite or black tourmaline between your feet
Running your wrists under a cold running tap
Eating. Particularly foods like chocolate and coffee
Spending time in nature “

You can also meditate and visualise grounding and connecting yourself to the earth and the universe. Rachel’s blog details a beautiful visualisation exercise you can do every morning. Go and check it out!

Even something like taking a few deep breaths can help to ground you.

Homeopathy also has a wonderful remedy for grounding – Oak! Think of the deep roots, stability and longevity of this incredible tree; it is the epitome of grounding!

What are your favourite ways to ground yourself? I’d love to know! Feel free to send me a message or share in the comments!