There are so many layers in Human Design, but the fundamental and most important aspects start with the 5 different aura types. This is where you will likely start with your own HD journey. 

Your Human Design Type will describe and inform how you best use your energy and interact with the world, as well as your overall role in the world.  

The 5 types are Generators, Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. Your type will depend on what centres are defined (or not) in your chart, and how they connect to each other.  


Generators are about 37% of the population and are here to be a creative force and build the world, while becoming masters of their craft.

With a  defined sacral centre, Generators have access to sustainable life force energy from within; however, only when they are doing what they love and what brings them joy and pleasure. 

To ensure that they are doing the correct things for themselves and the world, Generators need to wait to respond to opportunities that present themselves in their environment, by listening to their gut and seeing if they are attracted or not to these opportunities.  


Manifestors are about 9% of the population, and are here to be the visionaries of the world, and to initiate projects and ideas.

Manifestors can have a lot of energy when they get inspired and in a creative mode, but without a defined sacral centre and inconsistent life force energy, they will need periods of rest and recuperation.  

Manifestors are the only type that doesn’t need to wait for anything except their own internal spark of creativity.  However, they do need to inform others of what they are going to do, otherwise they can create confusion and resistance from others who have the potential to help and support them getting their ideas into the world. 

Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators, a hybrid of the Generator and Manifestor, comprise around 33% of the population.

Also known as ManiGens or MGs, they are multi-passionate time benders, here to create and build the world in the quickest, most effective way, as well as to break the boundaries of what is possible. 

Like the Generators,  ManiGens have a defined sacral, which gives them consistent life force energy, as long as they are doing what they love and lights them up.  They need to wait to respond to opportunities in their environment before taking action, but they also need to first visualise and dip their toes into these potential opportunities before making a final decision.

And like the Manifestor, they also need to inform, so they don’t surprise them and create resistance with other people.   


Projectors are about 20% of the population, and are here to be the guides and wise leaders of the world.

With an undefined sacral centre, they don’t have access to consistent life force energy, and therefore need more rest and alone time.  

They have a gift to be able to feel and see deeply into the energies and potential of others, and therefore can be incredible advisors, coaches and guides.  But first they need to be recognised for their wisdom, and invited to share it, otherwise all their advice will fall on deaf ears.  Many projectors have therefore experienced rejection often.  


Reflectors are the rarest type, with 1% of the population.

They are here to be our mirrors, to show us what our potential and that of the world is, and where we need to improve and change. 

Without any defined centres, they absorb and amplify energy from others and the environment, constantly sampling the energy of the world and reflecting it back to us.

Being with the right community and in the right place is very important for Reflectors, as well as periods of rest.  They also need to wait for a lunar cycle before making any big decisions so they can lean in to their only consistent energy, which is the moon.

Do you know what your Human Design Type is?

How does it resonate with you? Wheredoes it not make sense for you?

You can go to various sites to get your free BodyGraph chart: Genetic Matrix, Jovian Archive, MyBodyGraph.

These sites and others are a great place to start to get information about your type and other aspects of your chart. However, you will quickly realise that the information out there is so vast that it can get overwhelming, and confusing, and you then only know it in your mind, but are not embodying it.

That is why I do recommend at some point get a reading from a Human Design reader or coach. There is something special when someone can give you their own unique insights and perspective into your energy. A Human Design coach can also guide you on how best to start living and embodying your human design.

If you are interested in getting a reading from me, but need more clarity to make your decision, then go to xxxxx for more info, and feel free to book a clarity call with me here!