mother and daughter bundle

Thriving & Confident Mother Bundle

– Coming soon!


This is my unique, deeply transformative programme, where I weave Human Design, Homeopathy, as well as some bits and bobs of other energy medicine, astrology and Gene Keys.

During this 6 month programme, I’m here to guide you in coming back to your self and healing from mother burnout and overwhelm, and giving you the tools you need to reconnect deeply with yourself, with who you are, how your are here to be, how your energy works, and your purpose.  I will also give you the tools to deeply know your child(ren), so you can feel super confident in your abilities to support them and guide them to be their own authentic, confident and resilient selves they are designed to be.

This programme includes a Foundation and Deeper HD reading for yourself and your children (maximum 4 children), as well as 2 homeopathic consultations for you to start and support the healing process, de-conditioning and embodiment aspects of your journey.  I may add some astrology and Gene Keys if we both feel it’s appropriate and needed!  We can make it all taylor made to you!

mother and daughter smiling