Have you ever thought that your child is not quite fully thriving? 

Are they constantly getting ill with colds, skin problems, gut issues, or allergies? 

Or maybe you can’t quite pinpoint what the problem is, but you know that your child should be better?


The role of acute and infectious diseases in human development and evolution

For most of our history we have been conditioned to believe that infectious and childhood diseases are bad, deadly and we must avoid them at all costs.

But what is really the role of disease in our human condition?  Is it just to make our lives miserable?

In homeopathy, we see disease as an opportunity to cleanse, release and evolve, either on a personal level, or all the way to a global level (eg. pandemics).  With our current levels of environmental and emotional toxicity, we need disease more than ever to help us in this evolution. 

Have you noticed that your child usually has huge leaps in development after recovering from an illness?   

Childhood diseases are there to help develop and strengthen the child’s’ immune system and to help the child evolve as it grow up.   

Of course, disease is not pleasant or comfortable.  And it can be dangerous and deadly to some people.  It is all to do with susceptibility and the strength of the immune system.  Our immune systems are there to help us adapt and deal with outside potential harms.  If it is weak, then we are more susceptible to fall uncomfortably ill or even die from disease.


The good new is that homeopathy can help your immune system to be come strong and adaptable and able to face whatever comes its way! 

With HPx – the Immune System Education Programme – homeopathy can not only strengthen your child’s immune system and reduce susceptibility to various diseases, it will improve their overall health and help them evolve into their full potential!