Does this sound like you?

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, burned out?

Struggling with making decisions or self doubt?

Feeling disconnected from yourself, without a sense of direction or purpose?

Feeling like your life lacks joy, purpose or fulfilment?

If you resonated with any of these questions, then exploring your Human Design may be the key to start to living a life full of vitality, ease and fulfillment.

What is Human Design?

Sometimes called the “new Astrology”, Human Design is a fusion of astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, the Kabbala, genetics and quantum physics.   It is calculated using your birth date, time, and location.  

Human Design is a guide or a blueprint that shows you how to use your energy more effectively, how you best make decisions, ways to deal with challenges in your life, your wisdom and your super powers, as well as your personal formula for creating what you want in your life.

All people are equally and uniquely valuable and important.  Each of us has our own energetic blueprint and individual style of operating successfully in life.  What might work for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.   We each have our own unique purpose and story.

What do you get with a Human Design Reading?

A Human Design reading will probably not tell you anything you don’t arleady know deep inside you about yourself.  You will probably feel a resonance with what is revealed, including repeating patterns and difficulties that you have struggled with al your life, which for most people brings relief that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them! 

A reading may also bring up a lot of resistance in certain aspects of your design, especially those that you have been conditioned to suppress, reject or hide away.   This is where the work lies, and it will be a sometimes challenging journey, but well worth it!

Human Design Reading Options

Foundation Reading

If you have never had a Human Design reading before, then this is for you!  We will go through the most important aspects of your Human Design:  Type, Strategy and Authority, as well as the Centres. 

You will receive a PDF report of you Human Design, and 2 sessions with me:  45 minutes going through your design, and then a month later a 30 minute follow up to answer any questions or help guide you on embodying your design.

Go Deeper

If you already have a good grasp of your HD type, strategy and authority, and you’d like to go deeper, then this reading is for you!

We will go through your profile, channels and gates in your HD in 2 sessions with me:  75 minutes going through your design, and then a 30 minute follow up  a few weeks later to answer any questions or help guide you on embodying your design.

You will also receive a PDF of your HD Deeper report as well, so you can go back and refer to it when you need to.

Foundation + Deeper Reading

Do you already know that you want to know all about your Human Design?  Then you may want to book this package, which will cover both your Foundation (Type, Strategy, Authority, Centres) and Deeper (Profile, Channels and Gates) Human Design Readings. 

You will receive everything from the Foundation and Deeper HD readings, split into 4 different sessions with some time in between to digest and start to embody it all step by step.