The best tool that has finally helped me be more confident in making decisions

The best tool that has finally helped me be more confident in making decisions

Do you struggle making decisions?  

I don’t know about you, but I often had such a hard time making decisions.  Even a small decision, like choosing a restaurant to have some lunch in whilst out and about, and more so with a big one, like buying a house. 

I just could never trust that I could make the right choice, and felt that somehow, whatever I decided, I would eventually regret it! 

Then I found Human Design, and I can honestly say it has been the most transformative tool and process in my decision making!

Did you know that not everyone has the same way to make correct and aligned decisions?  

Depending on your Human Design, we all have different ways to make decisions. 

Our strategy and authority is based on our human design type and definition.  

Strategy relates to the way we interact with the world in the most aligned way, and authority is our inner compass, our inner truth guide that together with strategy, leads us to make the best decisions for ourselves.  

The most astounding and life changing thing I learned with Human Design is that none of us are designed to make decisions with our minds and logic.  

I can look back now at countless times, when I made lists of pros and cons about certain big decisions in my life, and can now see how our mind can give us all sorts of reasons to go one way or another, usually not bringing any further clarity into our decision making. 

Our fears, excitement, and other emotions can also distort what we think about deciding on big things. 

What I learned with Human Design is that we are all designed to make decisions with our bodies, not our minds! 

Depending on our own unique design, we need to lean in and trust what our bodies are saying to us, through our guts, our intuition, our hearts and our voice. The body has this innate wisdom and knows, deep inside, what is beneficial to us or not – we just need to learn to hear it and trust it.

If you also struggle with decision making, then Human Design could be your answer to trusting yourself and make decisions with more ease and flow!

A foundation reading will give you the tools to start experimenting right away with making decisions from your body and not your mind!   Yes, it will be hard at first, but you will only get better with practice!  

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