A few lovely words from happy clients!  

I’ve been treated by Stephanie for over 5 years on different issues, and she’s been treating my 95 year-old mom, after hip surgery. She is recovering with no further need of pharmaceuticals. Stephanie is always on target with my needs, helping me all these years avoid unneeded medications and doctor visits. I trust Stephanie’s advise and her rapport is wonderful.


My son’s molluscum spots have cleared up! My daughter has a couple of really tiny ones but they are not red and angry or sore!  The adjustment dose for her worked a treat too!

C.G., Kent

I have been under Stephanie’s homeopathic care for about 7 years now.  Kindness, patience and attention to detail are hallmarks of her practice.  

She has continually provided me effective remedies to address many medical issues.  Those include chronic knee and ankle osteoarthritis; neurological tingling and pain in both hands; post-operative relief and healing for carpel tunnel, knee replacement and eye cataract surgeries.  She has also administered regularly constitutional remedies to address emotional and full-body concerns. 

Stephanie is clearly confident in her knowledge and skill in homeopathy and is passionate about her naturopathic calling.  She’s open and flexible and treats each patient individually and with compassion.  At least that’s been my experience.  I highly recommend her services.  


I was so impressed with Stephanie, she was available when I needed a consult, she took her time and really thought about my symptoms and worked to find the best match for me.  I had immediate relief; and my symptoms were almost completely resolved after a few doses of the remedies.  

Jodie, USA