You know that you have the most sacred and important mission in life raising your children.

You have been entrusted to raise the next generation of authentic leaders, who will bring forth a better world. 

And you know that to do that, a huge part of it is that you need to embody what it’s like to be truly authentic, confident, resilient and true to yourself.

If you are reading this, you are probably being pulled by that desire to come back to yourself, regain your confidence and reconnect with your life and soul purpose, so that you can become that beacon of light for your children.

You can feel it in your most profound self, what your soul wants – deep and mutual respect and connection with your children, harmonious family dynamics, and trusting that you know and have all the tools, knowledge and wisdom you need to raise the most authentic and happy children, who will be able to face anything that comes their way with grace and resilience. 

If you work with me, with my unique weaving of Human Design and Homeopathy, I can help guide you to this place of inner peace and trust in yourself, in you abilities to be a mother, and to be that embodied authentic leader for your beautiful children.

Human Design Readings

Get to know yourself and your children, learn about your own unique way of using your energy, making decisions, and connecting more deeply with your life purpose.

Human Design is a guide or a blueprint that shows you how to use your energy more effectively, how you best make decisions, ways to deal with challenges in your life, your wisdom and your super powers, as well as your personal formula for creating what you want in your life.

 Human Design + Homeopathy

I will soon be launching my programe combining the 2 most powerful energy systems that I have come across so far, Human Design and Homeopathy, to help you heal and come back to yourself, from the inside out in a deep and transformative way.

Undertake a powerful process to reconnect to yourself, heal from burnout, decondition and start to trust your own innate wisdom and intuition to become the mother and woman you are meant to be.

It will be a privilege to work with you in whatever journey you choose to take.  

I know how important it is to work with someone you connect with and resonate with, so please book a clarity call with me if you need more information about me, how I work, or just to get to know me a bit better!

When and where?

At the moment I am only offering online appointments through video call wit Whereby, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Cancellation & 


If you need to cancel or re-schedule our appointment, please do so at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise you may be liable for the full cost of your session.